Assvertising, Part 100

Daughter: Morning!

Dad: You got in pretty late last night

Daughter: Dad, I'm not 16 anymore.

Dad: Still, it was late

Daughter: Well, you won't have to worry about that anymore (reveals an engagement ring)

Dad. Todd's a lucky man...that's what I told him when we talked last week.
This commercial is not new, but I heard it for the first time this morning on the Weather Channel, as I was getting my daily Winter Weather Advisory.

Folgers has a robust tradition of sexist commercials, and The Frisky covered this one last month. The comments there are, alas, mostly of the "I don't see the sexism" and "It's cute and sweet--deal with it" and "must we look for sexism and invent things to be offended about" variety. It's a total bingo card. Buggie at the Feministing community covered the ad as well, and the comments there had a feeling of "of course parents worry about their kids being out late" and "shrug--it's just a tradition".

The posts at The Frisky and Feministing point out that the advert shows ownership of the daughter changing hands from father to husband. I would add that the father has granted his permission for this change of ownership at the request of the husband-to-be and without the daughter's knowledge. The commercial would have us believe that it's a sweet and loving gesture. Apparently, many people agree.

The dad's smugness as he lets his daughter know she isn't doing anything without his say-so riles me.

I am equally disturbed by the sexism of the commercial and the fact that this woman-as-property concept is so normalized that many (maybe even most) people don't see a problem with it and even find it charming.

I'm not saying that you and you and you should drop your family traditions. Just don't tell me they are not sexist and expect a credulous response.

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