And Another Thing...

...about Homomentum.

It occurred to me just now that one of the little ways in which my life as a queer woman living in a mid-sized urban region has changed (I live in a cluster of small cities growing into one another, with a population of around 500k), is that my friends and I used to keep tabs on places we could go as out queer people - so-called "gay bars/coffee houses/whatever"; places where a small PDA with one's same-sex partner wouldn't be grounds for rudeness (at the least) - our tacit version of "separate but equal", which of course never was.

Now, though, we keep tabs on where we can't go.

Because that list is a lot shorter than the other one now. It's easier to track homophobic places than homophilic: they're much fewer in number.

As I said before, we have many leagues to go, but that doesn't mean we can't occasionally look back and feel good about the part of the journey we've already accomplished, and look around at how much closer to the end of that journey we have gotten. Better doesn't have to equal good to be appreciated for being better.

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