Taking Your Mace* And Going Home?

An open letter to the white cisgender hetero man** who is Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper:

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention, as a voting Canadian, that you have once again suspended my democratic rights, by proroguing Parliament to avoid having to answer questions you didn't want to answer. I voted in the last election to have a voice in Ottawa, not to pay politicians for not working. I see no urgent need for the abrogation of my right to political expression, save that you don't want to lose power. Allow me please to say, "boo-hoo, wah-wah." If you can't keep a minority government running, then you don't have the confidence of Parliament, and should step down and call an election.

Yes, I understand that you would like to avoid being grilled over the role our troops have played in Afghanistan, and the horrid allegations of abuse and misprision in our name in that troubled country. My children also liked very much to try and avoid facing the responsibilities they had, but had to learn that when you take on a responsibility, it is yours until you are relieved of it.

No one has relieved you of responsibility for governing our country, sir. It is your responsibility - your solemn sworn duty - to have a government in place, working on new or amending old legislation, not to go swanning off to Florida or Cuba for a few months while the rest of us sweat to pay your salary.

Your behaviour is irresponsible and selfish, and grasping at power this way (don't think we don't know about the Senators you plan to appoint, free of review because Parliament isn't sitting, how convenient for you!) will only lead to a more thunderous defeat in the next election.

I suggest you consult with one Kim Campbell, left holding the bag for the historically impressively hated Conservatives by Brian Mulroney, and winning only two, yes TWO, seats in Parliament, down from a sitting majority. If you annoy us, you could be left looking for work as "former Prime Minister".

Or if my luck turns. Either way.

In the end, sir, let me put it succinctly:

Get your wooden ass back in your Parliamentary seat, and face your responsibilities. Are you an adult, or a child? Children evade their unpleasant tasks. We grown-ups know we have to do the unpleasant stuff too.

Which are you, sir? Which?

With contempt and abjuration,


* The "mace" in the subject line refers to the ceremonial one, held by the Sergeant-at-arms in the House, and which is only brought into the House when it (the ouse) is sitting (i.e., in session).

** I have decided that all of my blog posts, from now on, will mention this kind of information about everyone I write about, not least to point out the absurdly othering and odious practice of only identifying people who vary from the "norm", Norm being a short-cut to saying "white cisgender hetero man". Let's see how it goes. I think it'll be eye-opening.

ETA: Shaker Vetiver dropped a couple of good links in comments:

How to find your MP

A Facebook group for anti-prorogation rallies across the country

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