One Week

Shaker H2 sent me this awesomely hilarious video of a Lost fan named Mike from Long Island who wrangled his extended Italian family "to help him recreate key moments of the series." Definite spoiler warning if you're not up-to-date through the end of Season 5 yet.

[I don't even know how I'd begin to transcribe this video in a way that makes any kind of sense—it would be a lot of "middle-aged guy who is playing Jack and middle-aged woman who is playing Kate turn to younger guy who is playing Sawyer in this scene, which is a recreation the scene from Season One in which..."—so the above paraphrase will regretfully have to suffice.]

As I mentioned last week, Iain and I have been rewatching Season 5 to gear up for the sixth and final season of the Best. Show. Evarrrr. And as the last season progresses, I am getting increasingly quivery with excitement for Lost's return.

We just watched "Some Like It Hoth" last night, which is one of my favorite episodes of all time. I lurrrrrve the genesis of Miles and Hurley as Lost's Laurel and Hardy (or Abbott and Costello, if you prefer). And OMG '90s punk Miles with his fake eyebrow piercings (complete with actual fake eyebrow). Rage Against the Machine, man! LULZ.

Use this thread to SQUEEEEEE!, make predictions, ask questions, whatever you like. Just please be considerate and add a spoiler warning to the beginning of comments that contain Season 5 spoilers, for those who aren't quite finished with the last season yet. It only just came out on video recently, so there are a few Shaker Losties still getting caught up.

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