Not-So-Random YouTubery: Matthew Fox on Sesame Street

Jan. 19, 2010:
Matthew Fox: Hi, I'm Matthew.

Elmo: And Elmo's Elmo.

Matthew: And we're here to tell you all about the word "bones."

Elmo: Yes! Bones!

Matthew: Now, bones are what are under your skin.

Elmo: Oh, oh, but does that, Mr. Matthew, mean Elmo has bones under his fur?

Matthew: Sure, yeah, we all have bones. Bones help support your whole body.

Elmo: Oh. But does that mean Elmo has bones, um, in his arms?

Matthew: Yeah, an arm bone.

Elmo: How 'bout, how 'bout his leg?

Matthew: Uh, yes, we have leg bones.

Elmo: Oh, well, how 'bout Elmo's—Elmo's neck?

Matthew: Oh yeah. Yeah, we have neck bones, too. You see, bones are all over your body, and they look like this. [lifts bone]

Bone: Hey! Whaddaya call two scoops of chocolate on a fibula…? An ice cream bone! [They all laugh.] Get it?! A fibula's a bone! Ice cream bone! See what I did there?!

Elmo [to Matthew]: What kinda bone is that?

Matthew: A funny bone. [They all laugh.]

All three, looking directly into camera: BONES!!!

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