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There is but one food on the planet that Iain won't eat: Brussels sprouts. He hates them with a red hot fiery passion.

I, on the other hand, love them. I only recently tried Brussels sprouts for the first time, as neither of my parents are crazy about them, so we never had them for dinner when I was growing up, and I always heard how they were like the WORST! FOOD! EVARARR! The culinary equivalent of the proverbial root canal. And their being the only food Iain won't eat made me even more reluctant.

But I try everything at least once.

So I had them at a restaurant not long ago, and I loved the tasty little buggers!

Now Brussels sprouts and I are totes BFFs. I just had like a million of them for lunch. But before I dug in, I took a picture and texted it to Iain.

Liss: Yummy! Brussels sprouts for lunch!

Iain: Thanks. I just projectile vomited all over my desk.

Liss: Nom nom nom. I'm so gonna have the big time fartz.

Iain: Don't tell me you actually enjoyed it?

Liss: OMG delish! (I even ate one raw & liked it.) I steamed them and then sauteed them with some mushrooms & a little bit of bacon. Amazing.

Iain: It's like you're talking about how you like to go to graveyards at night and gnaw at the bones of the fresh corpses.

Something tells me I am not going to make Iain a convert.

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