News from Shakes Manor

So, I just got back from running a quick errand, and on my journey, I was behind a guy who was driving sort of slow and veeringly. Nothing terribly scary, but I could see that he was trying to do something while he drove; I always love being within wrecking distance of someone who enjoys multitasking while they're operating heavy machinery.

No sooner had "What's this a-hole up to?" crossed my mind than I saw a meatball sub come flying out the guy's window and land in the road with a saucy splat. I mean, this thing wasn't casually tossed, or dropped; it was launched with determined disgust.

As I drove past it, I saw it was missing a single bite, which just made me burst out laughing. It was like he took one bite and was all, "Fuck this sandwich!" and pitched it into the street.

(That is, in fact, not the vehicle that was in front of me today, but a vehicle of which I took a picture while stopped at a red light a couple of weeks ago, because its bumper sticker reads, "I never saw an American flag burned at a gun show.")

I'm very anti-litter (and food-wasting), but that was some hilarious shit. And the coyote who's been running about the neighborhood will have a special dinner tonight—if the raccoons don't get to it first.

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