Shaker John emails: "The Economist's weekly debate is about whether women in the developed world have ever had it so good."

And so it is:

[If you cannot view the image, it's a picture of a woman's disembodied high-heeled feet propped up on a desk with files, pencils, and an engaged phone. It is accompanied by the text: "Women: This house believes that women in the developed world have never had it so good."]

It's an interesting choice of words, isn't it? "Had it so good." It's the sort of thing one says when begrudgingly acknowledging someone else has something they aren't perceived (via spite) to truly deserve, like a jealous parent to a child who has a better childhood than the parent did, or a bitter boss to a junior employee whose workload was made easier through a technological innovation.

You women of the developed world, you've never had it so good. You don't even know! Ingrates.

That is merely the tip of the iceberg of problems with this "debate."

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