Have I Mentioned Lately...

...that I don't like Jay Leno and think he's a bully? Hmm, I think I might have. Well, let me mention it one more time: Jay Leno is a contemptible bully.
Dave Letterman teed off on Jay Leno earlier this week in relation to the NBC 'Tonight' mess, and now Leno is fighting back directly at his nemesis -- only this time, it's personal instead of business. While Letterman generally kept his Leno insults showbiz-related, Leno fired off a marriage joke on Wednesday night that will surely hit close to home -- literally -- for Letterman, who last year admitted to having extramarital affairs.

During his monologue, Leno admitted that "Letterman has been hammering me every night," addressing the attacks to his crowd and band leader Kevin Eubanks. Leno continued, asking Eubanks: "Hey Kev, you know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him. He will not bother you. He won't look you in the eye."
This joke shows you exactly what kind of misogynist asshole Leno is. He takes a swipe at Letterman's marriage that, in trying to hit Letterman, sprays collateral buckshot all over Regina Lasko, who is married to Letterman. And that's not a bug of the joke; it's a feature. Leno's the kind of nasty bully who will take aim at another guy in a way that hits his wife, too.

It's a construction that treats Lasko like Letterman's property, which is why this jibe has the same cowardly feel as a guy who keys another guy's car in the dark parking lot of a bar, instead of taking a swing at him.

I have no love for David Letterman, but that is some low-ass shit, right there.

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