[Trigger warning.]

Via Jezebel, the blog AdRants has also weighed in on the Method controversy. Steve Hall writes:
Words fail at this point but we'll give it a shot:

1. Cause groups and feminist blogging should be outlawed.

2. Everyone with a stick up their ass over this should promptly shove it all the way through until it pops out the top of their head. Hopefully they'll die and allow the rest of us to "use the loofa" without feeling like we're being gang raped in the shower. (Where the hell do people come up with this crap?)

3. Brands should grow a pair and proudly lift their middle finger when confronted by a gaggle of idiots who have nothing better to do than to suck the last drop of humor out of life.

4. Just for fun, Dow should hire an army of men in Scrubbing Bubbles costumes, send them to BlogHer (and the rest of the female conference circuit) and have them ejaculate foamy white stuff all over attendees. That ought to get some panties in a bunch.

5. Um... Nope. Got nothing left. Feel free to add your own.
You've just gotta love a guy who uses sexual assault imagery in a post contending that survivors of sexual assault (and their allies) are hysterical reactionaries. Yes, where indeed do we "come up with this crap"?

By way of reminder, my original post about the ad consisted of a one-sentence intro ("Shaker Katecontinued emails about this [ad for Method cleaning supplies], which was approvingly posted at TreeHugger with the note that it's 'hilarious'."), the video, a transcript, and a single word of commentary: "Wow." It was followed up by an eminently reasonable and totally measured letter to Method, explaining my objections.

That warrants the hope that I—and everyone else with a "stick up their ass over this"—will die. And I'm allegedly the hysterical reactionary in this scenario.

LOL. Okay.

[Previously on the Method Shiny Suds Ad: Today in Rape Culture, I Write Letters, I Get Letters, Hysterical Bitchez, Well, I Guess That's Us Told.]

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