Vloggin' with Blogginz, Episode 9

[Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.]

(I almost need to do a second video of outtakes from this one, because I seriously have like five minutes of takes of me tossing some bullshit out there, KBlogz singing some hilarious shit, and my breaking into the most raucous laughter evah.)

[Also available at Daily Motion. Full transcript below.]
Title Card: Vloggin' with Blogginz

Liss: Kenny Blogginz, Live! from Uranus. Featuring the new single "Dad's Truck."

KBlogz [singing]: I love to ride in my dad's truck / I love to ride in the back even though it's illegal! [freeze poses]

Liss: [laughs] Also with the chart-topping cover of "Sweet Child of Mine."

KBlogz [singing]: She got a smile and it seems to me / Reminds me of childhood memories / And when I look at those memories / I wanna break down and cry-aye-aye! [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: And "Beer on My Bluejeans and Pot in My Pockets."

KBlogz [singing]: I wanna smoke the pot that's in my pocket, girl / But you know that it's soaked with cheap beer / So it's too wet to light on fire! [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: New tracks like "Above-Ground Pool."

KBlogz [singing]: I love splashing in above-ground pool / I love to splash all around / All over town! [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: As well as the DJ Superscat Mondo remix of the "Two and a Half Men" theme!

KBlogz [singing]: Here comes Charlie Sheen / And Jon Cryer / And Angus T. Jones / And now they're gonna have an adventure! [lowers glasses; lifts hat]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: And the total billboard flop, "There's a Bird in My Bathroom."

KBlogz [singing]: There's a bird in my bathroom / A bird in my bathroom / I could be hallucinating / But I'm pretty sure there's a bird in my bathroom. [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: Not to mention the classic Schwarzenegger hit, "Shut Up."

KBlogz [in a Schwarzenegger voice]: Shut up! [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: Plus the bonus track reissue of iconic Blogginz tune, "I Hate Mushroom Soup!"

KBlogz [singing]: I hate mushroom soup, ya'll / It's a texture thang! [freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: And let's not forget the ultimate classic, b-side, "Cardboard Box."

KBlogz [singing]: Cardboard box! / You can make an art project / Out of a cardboard box! / Cardboard box! [lowers glasses; freeze poses]

[deliberately shitty edit]

Liss: And featuring the smash hit, "Crystal Shipz."

KBlogz [singing]: I wanna sail away with your dad / On a Crystal Ship! / Yeah! [grins]

Liss: In stores now.

Title Card: The End!!!

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