Vloggin' with Blogginz, Episode 8

By popular demand, Kenny Blogginz does Scott Stapp. With bonus Michael McDonald! Trigger warning for references to violence in action hero theme song parody.

[Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.]

[Also available at Daily Motion. Full transcript below.]
Title Card: Vloggin' with Blogginz

Liss: So, a lot of people have been requesting some Scott Stapp ever since I mentioned that you sing everything like in a Creed voice when we play, um, Rock Band.

KBlogz: Right.

Liss: And just generally.

KBlogz: Right. [Liss clears throat.] Just every day.

Liss: Just every day. So I was wondering if you could give us a little of your Scott Stapp—maybe you could sing the alphabet for us as Scott Stapp from Creed?

KBlogz: Oh gosh. I don't know. I'll try it.

Liss: 'Kay.

KBlogz: [singing in Scott Stapp voice] A, B, C, D, E, F, and Gyeeahh! [Liss giggles; the camera shakes.] H, I, J, K, ellemenopyeeahh! [Liss giggles; the camera shakes.] Q, R, essah! T, U, Vyeah! W, exah! Y and Zyeeahh! Now I know mah ABCyah! [Liss giggles; the camera shakes.] Next tahm won't you sing with meyeeahh!

Liss: Yeeeahhh.

KBlogz: Yeeeahhh.

[Image of Scott Stapp gripping microphone while singing, captioned "Yeeeeahhhh!"]

KBlogz: [singing in Michael McDonald voice] Christopher Cross is gonna kick you in the face / He knows karate from outer space / He's flies solo; he's got no boss / He knows tae kwon do from the future! / He's gonna hit your pressure points 'cause he doesn't even care / And he's got a yacht that flies through the air / He's super-successful; he knows all the martial arts / And you know he never farts! / And he loves liberal arts! / And he rides around on his Mario Kart! / Christopher Cross!

[Image of Michael McDonald singing, while thinking of Christopher Cross singing.]

Liss: Was that, um, Michael McDonald singing a Christopher Cross theme song?

KBlogz: Yes. Um, those two artists are good friends, and I just took the liberty of impersonating Mr. McDonald to, uh, sing a song about Mr. Cross. So, hopefully we can get a record deal pretty soon.

Liss: All three of you together?

KBlogz: And you.

Liss: Me? What would I do?

KBlogz: I don't know, the…drums?

Liss: [laughs] The drums! I can't play the drums. Space Cowboy can play the drums, though.

KBlogz: The…the electric cowbell.

Liss: That I can do.

KBlogz: Heavy distortion.

Liss: Every song needs more cowbell.

KBlogz: Mm-hmm. [nods sagely]

Title Card: The End!!!

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