[Trigger warning.]

I've previously noted that Precious is, despite its flaws, one of the best, most realistic films about surviving sexual assault that I have ever seen.

Possibly that has something to do with the number of survivors who were involved with the project.

Two of the executive producers, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, have publicly spoken about being survivors of sexual abuse. (My post about Tyler Perry, who only recently came out as a survivor, is here.) And now Mo'Nique, just nominated for Golden Globe and Screen Actors' Guild awards for her portrayal of Precious' abusive mother Mary, is speaking once again about being a survivor, too:
"I know Mary Jones. I know that monster. … That character for me, in my life, was my older brother."

The actress, 42, revealed in 2008 to Essence that she was sexually molested at 7 years old by her teenage brother. "I didn't tell my parents until I was 15-years-old. [Unlike Precious] I had my family, but when you go through that as a child, you really don't know which way to turn," she said.

Although she opened up to her parents as a teen, Mo'Nique, who has not spoken to her brother in years, said she didn't really confront her past until she was an adult. "I'm angry. I'm mad. I'm hurt. I'm crying, but doing this movie made me say, 'You know what? I forgive.' I forgive and I wish he would get the help that he needs, so no one else will go through it," she said.
What breaks my heart into a thousand pieces is the thought that all of these amazingly fearless and strong people who came together to get this film made will be honored with nominations, and maybe even awards, by a Hollywood establishment that will go right back to making films that glorify and promote sexual assault.

Still. I will remain grateful that all of these amazingly fearless and strong people helped put Precious into the world.

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