Quote of the Day

"You might not believe me when I tell you this, but there's no doubt: MacGruber was amazing."Amir Bednarsh, reviewing MacGruber, a film based on the Saturday Night Live sketch of the same name, which is a send-up of MacGyver.

He was right about one thing: I don't believe him.

[Warning for sexist and ablist language.] Some of the things Bednarsh notes approvingly about the film: "MacGruber (Will Forte), having sworn off the life of an action hero, is approached by the U.S. government and informed of the plan of his arch enemy Dieter Von Cunth (Note: the 'h' is virtually silent). ... It's time for MacGruber 'to go pound some Cunth'." and "[I]n one scene [von Cunth] asks his henchmen why they didn't capture MacGruber, to which they reply that they didn't think he was a threat. They actually thought he was mentally retarded."

I'm not amazed so much as contemptuous.

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