Question of the Day

One thing many people report after coming to progressivism is that so much of formerly favourite media becomes almost unwatchable/unlistenable/unreadable/unplayable. Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much (I refer specifically to the James Stewart/Doris Day remake), for instance, once a great favourite, is now pretty much something I can't ever watch, because of the horrid scene in which he non-consensually sedates his wife to preempt her freaking out because their son has been kidnapped in Morocco: white doctor-man to the rescue!

Or Pepe le Pew, the cartoon skunk whose romantic endeavours amused me so when I was a child, now I watch it and all I can think is "RAPIST RAPIST RAPIST!"

And so on, and so forth, even ad nauseam.

How do you cope with formerly loved media becoming unenjoyable because of your progressivist beliefs?

(Blog note: I was supposed to set this up to post at 18h this evening, but I kinda bollixed it, and it's here now. It may well stay at the top of the page until the time it was supposed to be posted, though.)

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