Shaker Hayley emails:
I thought you might like to see the "sexy" new advert I noticed on bus stops today for Joop's Homme perfume. ... Apart from just the sheer ridiculousness of the buff white man with a disembodied woman's arm to sell aftershave, the real kicker for me was the subtle hand on hand position. Notice the man is not wearing a wedding band but the woman is, and his forefinger is pointing to it. Yes, men, wear this aftershave and married women will be yours to own.

[Click to embiggen.]

Aside from all the narrative problems with the image Hayley quite rightly notes, I notice another little problem with the image...

Where, pray tell, is the rest of that woman supposed to be? Hiding behind him? Standing sideways and crouching down? LOL. I imagine they intended the image to look like her hand was coming in off from the right side, but forgot to Photoshop out the part of her arm that indicates the female model was originally standing behind him with her arm wrapped around him.

Or perhaps Joop is suggesting that a gentleman who uses their cologne will grow a lady arm out of the middle of his back to give himself reach-arounds, thereby eliminating the need for actual women altogether.


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