Because one a day is never enough! Woo! It wouldn't surprise me if the Reebok advert execs called this "assvertising," but for the wrong reasons.
Paraphrase: A cheerful spokeswoman describes how Reebok Easytone Shoes will make your "legs and butt" look great, while the camera can't stop ogling them. She occasionally gives a "hey, my eyes are up here" hand gesture and cough to the camera so it'll focus on her speech (whereupon the camera immediately zooms back in on her butt as soon as she looks away), finally grinning and saying "I take it you agree?'

Melissa posted about another ad in this series before. Interesting how Reebok still thinks that this ad campaign is clever enough to continue with it, after dismissing complaints generated by their "boob" advert.

When we saw this ad last night, the Spudsband goggled over the sexism, and mentioned that if they were going to be that objectifying, they should at least make another commercial with a guy casually standing in poses that just happen to show off his totes hot ass, while the camera crawls all over him.

I pointed out that this would never, ever happen. If a camera is being used as another "person" in an advert, it is assumed (like anthropomorphized toys, ahem) that the camera is male. CameraMAN. If a camera was ogling a man's body, it would be assumed that it's a dude checking out another dude's ass. Ew! Gay! If the camera itself was anthropomorphized, it would still be assumed to be male, because "tools" always are. Especially phallic ones, ahem.

The only way they would ever make a "male version" of this commercial would be if they actually showed a woman operating the camera.

Not that they could, mind you, because Reebok doesn't make Easytone shoes for men. Because a guy can always have a flabby ass, amirite? Women need to keep up appearances.

By the way, avoid the YouTube comments. Seriously.

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