Today in Fat Hatin'

Shaker InfamousQBert forwards this story about Lincoln University in Pennsylvania which makes having a BMI of 30 or less a condition of graduation. If you're 31+, you don't get your diploma without taking a fitness course.

So if my fat ass were attending Lincoln University, they wouldn't let me graduate without taking "HPR 103 Fitness Walking/Conditioning." Never mind that my brain works fine. (I wonder: What about someone with a BMI of 31+ who can't walk?)

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.

In better news, Shaker ClumsyKisses sends this article from the Daily Express which, despite being peppered with some pretty stupid ZOMG DEATH FAT tropes, notes that fad dieting can actually make someone fat. The article would have been significantly improved if they've noted specifically that fad eating plans and "slimming aids" designed to "speed up metabolism" can also fuck up the metabolism long-term, so that even people who go back to eating "normally" after a crash diet might well gain more weight from the same eating habits than they did before.

But, you know, baby steps.

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