Stupid... Like A Fox!

I was watching Fox News at lunch, only because that is what was on at the place we ate. It was either that or one of two hunting shows. (By the way, commercials on hunting networks: seriously gruesome.) Anyway, Fox News: that shit is hilarious. First off, there was a commercial for something, I don't recall what exactly, and the spokesperson was G. Gordon Liddy! G. Gordon Liddy! How is that even possible?

Then there was an exposé piece on earmarks attached to some bill. (The sound was off, so that is part of the reason I am being vague.) Among the questionable items: 1.5M for air conditioning FOR A MUSEUM! Oh noez! Science! Then there was money for eco projects FOR BLACK COLLEGES! Oh noez! Black people! That was followed by a piece on "government run healthcare." People really watch this station? And take it seriously? The idea kind of saddens me.

Some day I'd like to just sit and live blog Fox News for a few hours. I am not sure my brain could take it.

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