Quote of the Day

"We have a president of real intellectual horse power who is cool, detached and analytical and if anything you can watch the emotional side of him emerge in this whole process. … There's an emotional aspect, the comforter in chief as well as the commander in chief. Both roles. And I think it makes me nostalgic for those days when we had a manly man in the White House who could say, 'Let's kick some tail and ask questions afterwards' you know? That's what we really need instead of any reflection."—Syndicated columnist Mark Shields, on Inside Washington, during a discussion of Obama's upcoming decision on Afghanistan, evidently mourning the loss of the Manly Bush Gut. Because it served us so well.

Note: Shields says he was being facetious. Thus the problem with "ironic" humor that appropriates the voice of the kyriarchy. I literally couldn't tell that he was joking, because I hear people saying that shit for real all the time. In any case, my apologies.

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