Protect Women's Health Care: Stop Stupak

Shaker Monica emails: "I just received an email from the Courage Campaign linking to an online petition against the Stupak Amendment, backed by Senator Barbara Boxer. It's [here]."

The petition content is as follows:
We the undersigned oppose inclusion of the Stupak Amendment in any health care reform legislation because it would be one of the biggest setbacks to women’s health in recent decades.

The Stupak Amendment overturns a difficult and delicate compromise that has held firm for decades: Women can use their own private funds for legal reproductive health care procedures, but federal funds cannot be used for abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother.

The Stupak Amendment discriminates against women by taking away health coverage they already have — and tells women who participate in the new health insurance exchange that they can’t even use their own funds to buy a policy that includes abortion coverage.

The Stupak Amendment is discriminatory, extreme, and just plain wrong.

We urge the defeat of any effort to include this amendment in the final health care reform bill sent to President Obama.
I frankly wish it would be more overtly hostile toward the Hyde Amendment, too, but wevs. I didn't write it, so I shouldn't complain. Especially since I guess most people wouldn't sign something reading: "The Stupak Amendment is even worse than the horseshit compromise that the abject fuckery known as the Hyde Amendment has enforced for decades."

Go here to sign it. Once you sign it, you'll be prompted to send links to friends, family, etc. in case you want to pass it on.

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