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[Trigger warning.]

Dear Teabaggers,

I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt and not think the lot of you are one huge collective of dumbass dipshittery. However, when you walk around DC holding a sign that actually makes a completely asinine comparison of socialized medicine to genocide, I'm left thinking that none of you deserve to live in this country.

You can either secede and see how that works out for you, or feel free to go anywhere else on the planet but here. Of course, the ironic thing about that last suggestion is that you'd probably end up in a country that has some form of socialized medicine or publicly funded health care.

And you would love it.

Because then you can get the quality health care you need without having to take out multiple mortgages on your home. And when you go to a doctor or hospital, you won't be thrown into a gas chamber and then have your corpse thrown onto a pile for display.

You know why?

Because in every industrialized country in the world that offers some form of universal coverage, that shit just doesn't happen.

But hey - you know better than all of us, so why don't you show us some pictures of all the dead corpses in Britain, France, Finland, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Holland and all the other countries that kill off their citizens to advance their evil socialist health care agenda.

Better yet, just get the fuck out and open up your friggin eyes and ears for a change.

Space Cowboy

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