Shake It Up, Baby

Shaker Constant Comment sent me this AP article about nightclubs catering to fatties, where "people who might have some trouble getting past the velvet ropes at other night spots because of their size are made to feel like they fit right in." As with any pretty much reporting on fat issues, there are problems with this piece; I particularly enjoyed: "the very nature of such venues has led some to question whether they are encouraging people to remain fat in a society where, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of adults are already obese." Ahh, the return of the unquoted and unidentified "some" who "question" whether fatties are being encouraged to stay fat just because something exists that doesn't shame us for having wrought our monstrous selves upon the world.

I don't suppose I even need to point out how such a "concern" once again underscores that such "concerns" are not about health, but about appearance, when the suggestion is that a place in which people spend their time dancing might be bad for people accused of being unhealthy because of the DEATHFAT attributed to DEATHLAZINESS! Criminy. The hypocrisy of the "health-concerners" couldn't be any more transparent: You're fat because you don't exercise, but you shouldn't be allowed access to any sort of active fun in public because it might encourage your horrible fatty-fatness! Now go home and die on your couch out of my site, lardy!

[Insert here seven million stories from fat Shakers of being eyeballed, mocked, or yelled at while working out at a gym, walking, riding a bike, or engaging in any other activity While Fat.]

But, in good news, not only was there no headless fatty picture; this was the image accompanying the story:
This photo taken Aug. 8, 2009 shows patrons dancing at Club Bounce in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/ Philip Scott Andrews)
Wow. It's almost like they're…human! Imagine that.

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