Rape as a Pre-existing Condition

[Trigger warning.]

First it was domestic violence; now reports are emerging that insurance companies have denied coverage to survivors of sexual assault because "they had a pre-existing condition as a result of a rape, such as post traumatic stress disorder or a sexually transmitted disease." Christina Turner was denied coverage on the basis that she'd been given anti-AIDS meds after being raped to avoid any potential HIV infection.
"It's difficult enough to make sure that rape victims take the drugs," said Diana Faugno, a forensic nurse in California and board director of End Violence Against Women International. "What are we supposed to tell women now? Well, I guess you have a choice - you can risk your health insurance or you can risk AIDS. Go ahead and choose."
There is, unfortunately, much more at the link.

Again, I ask: Why the fuck are we supposed to care if health reform drives these conscienceless, antipathetic, human-hating, profit-driven, bottom line-obsessed, money-grubbing, piece-of-shit insurance companies out of business?

[H/Ts to Shakers J0lt, Becca, Mad Gastronomer, and Maria P.]

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