Question of the Day

So the other day, Deeky was bringing up the song "MacArthur Park," and it got me to thinking of another 60's/70's era song that, for whatever reason, seems to be a bit of a joke to many people (even though they were both huge hits), "The Windmills of Your Mind." It's a nice tune; I particularly like the Petula Clark version. But there's one lyric in the song that I really like; I even geekily made it my Facebook update quote the other day:

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space

It has nothing to do with the meaning of the words; I just love the sounds the words make; these words, arranged just this way, are lovely to me. Even saying those words together I find incredibly pleasurable. Those lyrics are my "cellar door."

So, Shakers, what phrase, lyric, stanza, wev are you completely enamored with simply by the sounds they create, regardless of meaning?

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