Queer Cakery: Taste the homomentum!

by Shaker diagirlical, a queer, feminist, vegan cake-baking metalhead/philosophy PhD student.

A couple weeks ago, during an 8-hour-long Rock Band 2 practice, my dyke metal/hardcore/punk/Fleetwood Mac cover band made our drummer a 3-week-belated birthday cake.

She wanted a rainbow cake inspired by the Magical Rainbow Tower of Dreams. I decided to pass up the "ten layers of multi-coloured chocolate chip sponge cake" in favour of the incredibly delicious golden vanilla cupcake recipe from the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookbook—which I highly, highly recommend for anyone (including non-vegans) with an interest in cupcakes.

And then I added my own special touches.

This is the gayest thing I've ever eaten, and that includes other women's vaginas. It was both deliciously gay and gayly delicious.

To make your very own Big Gay Rainbow Cake:

The recipe makes about a dozen cupcakes, which translates into two 6" round cakes. We separated the batter out into 6 different bowls and then used decorating paste colours to mix red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We layered the colours in the cake in that colour order as well in case they mixed together where they touched, but they didn't. I very carefully poured each colour layer down on top of the other, 3 colour layers to a cake layer. (Try to get each colour covered by the next colour layer during the pouring because if you try to use a spoon or something to even out the layer after it's poured, you'll probably end up mixing the layers.) We cheated and used a can of prepared frosting, then dipped chopsticks in the decorating paste to make the swirls.

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