Hey, Shakers! Remember this? Good times. Well guess what? If you didn't like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's little fat hate/socialism scare belch, you'll absolutely love his response to the reaction it caused:
"I honestly don't know why the article became such a lightning rod," says John Mackey, CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market Inc., as he tries to explain the firestorm caused by his August op-ed on these pages opposing government-run health care. "I think a lot of people who got angry haven't read what I actually wrote. There was a lot of emotional reaction—fear and anger. I just wanted to get people to think about whether there was a better way to reform the system."
Yes, we're all just frightened, angry children, too hysterical to actually consider the words of such a big, smart businessman. Or too fucking stupid to read. The fact that his op-ed boiled down to "Our shitty health care system is the fault of fat people. Oh, and by the way, "BOO! SOCIALISM!" and some people might be, you know, a little put off by that, ahem, doesn't enter his inflated (knuckle)head. What an egomaniacal teabagging asshole.

(I'm grateful that I'm not in a position that I would ever have to spend money in his store, because I'll be damned if I drop a dime in there ever again. That said, I recognize that due to food allergies or other challenges, some people may need to go to Whole Foods, and that's perfectly OK. Let's keep that in mind in comments, please.)

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