The Latest "Renew America" Wingnut Column About "Obama's America" is Entitled:

"A Return to the Planet of the Apes."

No, really. (Not a link to the column; you can follow this post if you want to see it.)
Before I begin to share why I believe this country is going to the apes (self-deserved destruction), which I am sure will make the fur fly among many who would falsely infer my assessment is focused somehow on race, instead of policy, and accuse me of crossing into the forbidden zone, let’s look at the overall message that the Planet of the Apes movies tried to convey.
Of course, the ape reference couldn't possibly be about race.
The United States has elected a president in Barack Obama, who when not busy fomenting racial conflict among the people who voted him into the most powerful position in the world, works with every ounce of his strength to destabilize the traditional pillars of this country.
That's right, if Barack Obama hadn't had the temerity to be born black, he wouldn't be formenting all this racial conflict. Racism is his fault.


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