Guess What?

Jonah Goldberg has written the finest column ever written in the history of column-writing. It's called "In defense of Glenn Beck," and I defy you to locate a better example of writerings in America today.

I do note one wee problem in his intro, though.
For a self-described rodeo clown who frequently admits he isn't that bright, Glenn Beck must be doing something right. A de facto leader of the populist backlash against President Obama, he made the cover of Time magazine, with his tongue sticking out no less. His books are immediate best-sellers. His radio and TV shows have stratospheric ratings. His one-man comedy performances draw packed audiences, and the proceeds from his numerous ventures have him making north of $20 million a year.
By Goldberg's own measure—popularity, media attention, wealth, magazine covers—I can think of a few other people who "must be doing something right," too: Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama...

Goldberg, being the free marketeer he is, might begrudgingly admit I've got a point. If the market's buying, you must be doing something right!

Except, of course, there's always the possibility you're doing something wrong, too. Just sayin'.

The rest of the column's flawless, though. Ahem.

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