Is anyone else watching FlashForward, the new ABC series that was fashioned from leftover parts of Lost and the remnants of Joseph Fiennes' unremarkable career?

Well, I certainly hope so—because I want to talk about it! The thing is: I almost love this show...

[Spoiler warning! Spoilers below!]

Almost, but not quite. I love Courtney B. Vance and John Cho and Sonya Walger. I love the premise and the pacing so far. But I can't love the show because I HATE JOSEPH FIENNES AND HIS TERRIBLE AMERICAN ACCENT AND HIS DREADFUL EYEBROW ACTING! And the problem is that he's the main character. And he keeps getting in the way of my liking the show.

And then there's this other problem: The writers don't seem to understand how the time-space continuum works. See, if it's 10:00 in LA, that means it's after 10:00 in about 3/4 of the country, which means that most of the country is going to be asleep, especially kids, so this whole idea that Americans are feverishly sharing stories of what they saw themselves doing during the flashforward to 10:00pm Pacific time, no less that kids are "playing flashforward" on playgrounds, is just absurd.

Also: If it's 3am Pacific time, and Agent John Cho is talking to some lady in what appears to be an Asian or European city, it's not going to be nighttime where she is.

So that bugs me. As does the idea that Agent Token Lady is getting an ultrasound at 10:00 at time. On what planet is that happening?

Suspension of disbelief I can do, but that stuff just seems like lazy mistakes.

Anyone else got any love or hate or a little of each for FlashForward?

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