In Which Bronson Pinchot Makes Me LOL

After his quickly-becoming-infamous Onion AV Club interview in which he revealed that Tom Cruise was wildly homophobic on the set of Risky Business, and that Denzel Washington, with whom he worked on Courage Under Fire, was "one of the most unpleasant human beings I've ever met in my life," actor Bronson Pinchot was asked by the Wall Street Journal if he'd been serious. The follow-up interview is almost as good as the original, and this is just priceless:
What about the remark that Denzel Washington is one of the most unpleasant people you've met?

I regret my choice of words there, and would like to amend my statement by saying I found his willingness to be ungenerous, unkind, knowingly hurtful both mentally and physically to myself and the crew to be the saddest misuse of stardom I have ever experienced or hope to experience.
Damn! LOL.

Shakers, this is one of the most embarrassing admissions I will ever make on these pages, so listen closely: At age 12, I loved the show Perfect Strangers so much, and had such a crush on Bronson Pinchot, that when I got a puppy that year, I named it Balki, after his character Balki Bartokomous.

For realz.

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