Breaking News: Bill Maher Is a Fauxgressive Asshole

[Not actually breaking news at all. Not even close.]

Here he is on the Joy Behar Show, complaining about how there's no progressive party in the US—then showing what a fine progressive he is by being a misogynist, transphobic, disablist wankstain:

[Full transcript below.]
Behar: What do you make of all this sort of hate speech going on? I don't wanna mention names, but Glenn Beck is watching my show right now, and it's possible that he's trying to think of new ways to, uh, to yell at Obama and, and cause people to, to be raging and angry—what do you make of all of that?

Maher: Well, you know, I, I keep saying that we don't really have a progressive party in this country. Glenn Beck is part of the Republican Party. You know, the Democrats, as a party—if you take away the few people I just mentioned before, you know, that's a, that's a center-right party; they're a great party if you wanna, a party to represent the pharmaceutical companies and the health insurance industry and big agriculture and all that kind of stuff, uh, and then you have the Republicans, which are just a bunch of religious lunatics, flat-earthers, Civil War re-enactors—

Behar: And those are their good points.

Maher: —and bimbos! [They both laugh.] I mean, I mean, I can—I can disagree ideologically with someone, and I can respect an ideological disagreement, but the Republican Party in the last twenty, thirty years has really gone toward this non-intellectual type of person—Sarah Palin, George Bush—

Behar: Right.

Maher: —Dan Quayle—and, and the commentators also. They're people—it's not an ideological difference; they just don't know anything. They're bimbos. He's a bimbo. And he's a crazy one. I'm telling you, it is not that long before we're gonna find Glenn Beck dressed as a woman or playing with his feces. [Behar laughs; there is laughter in the studio.] Or something. I'm serious.

Behar: Now that's a reality show I don't wanna miss.

Maher: He, he is extremely unhinged. And it's gonna happen on-air.

Behar: Ya think so? I hope so. That would be so much fun to watch.

Maher: I do.

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