We've a local advertising circular here in town called The Add Sheet! (and no, that is not a typo, and like "huckleberry friend," no, I don't know what it means) and there are always stacks of it around the building where I work. Today, as I was strolling the hall (probably on my way to get ice, because if I drink something I want it to be real damn cold, unless it is coffee, in which case make it somewhere between tepid and lukewarm, not that it matters since the coffee here is shit and I wouldn't drink it anyway) I noticed this on the back cover of the most recent issue of The Add Sheet!:

Hey, boobies! Yay for boobies! Save the boobies! We love boobies! The women they're attached to? Not so much. And what is with putting headstones on an advertisement for a fucking cancer fundraiser? Jebus-dressed-up-as-Chuck-Norris, that's dumb.

(Actually, the whole back cover of The Add Sheet! was a hot mess. Click here to see the whole thing.)

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