Awesome. Totally Awesome.

…the universe is awesome using the original version, the meaning, of the word "awesome," yeah? Not the new one, which is sort of for socks and hotdogs. [puts on American accent; points down, as if at socks] "Hey, red and yellow—awesome! You got red and yellow socks? They're awesome!" [back to English accent] You know, and—but, if they were, you wouldn't be [makes regular face]—you'd be [makes awed face and gasps three times].

I saw an advert for awesome hotdogs [puts on American accent], only two-ninety-nine. [back to English accent] If they were awesome, you'd be going [hyperventilating], "I cannot…breathe…for the…way the sausage is held by the bun…it is…it is…speaking to me…it is saying…we are lips and thighs…of a donkey…please eat us…but do not think that we are lips when you eat us…otherwise you'll…throw up." [laughs] Which is true.

It's awesome—and America needs the old version of awesome, because you're the only ones going into space. You've got a bitta cash. And you go up there—and you need awesome, because you're gonna be going to the next sun to ours, and your president's going to be on the line saying [mimes speaking into headset; puts on American accent], "Can you tell me, Astronaut, tell me what it's like."

"It's, uh, it's awesome, sir."

"What—like a hotdog?"

"It's like a hundred billion hotdogs, sir. Sir, it's the dog's bollocks, that's what it is."
'Cuz, you know, I thought we could all use a little Eddie.

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