Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Shaxco, producers of the smash hit CD "Liss' Dulcet Tonez: Feminist Lullabies for Feminazi Cooter Cultists."

Recommended Reading:

The Angry Black Woman: The BINGO Project

Renee: Unfamous Last Words

Andy: Maine Update: What's Happening with the Marriage Equality Fight

Lauredhel: "This never happened in my day; I blame the internet"

Marti: Daily Transadvocate Digest

Ginmar: Help a Fellow Blogger Gin emails: "Gina is a feminist blogger having some serious difficulties as a result of her unemployment and her hubbie's medical bills totaling over $200k. She's a social worker, doesn't have insurance, and has trimmed her budget to the bone. She's good people who's helped so many others herself, and if you could reach out a hand, it would be very appreciated."

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