Vloggin' with Blogginz, Episode 5

Haircuts. Wands. Sophie is cute. Fantasy film nerdery. This is really just some leftover junk, but since I know we're not the only FANTASY NERDS at Shakesville, I thought a few people might get a kick out of it. Episodes One, Two, Three, Four.

[Also available at Daily Motion. Full transcript below.]
Title Card: Vloggin' with Blogginz

Liss: So…so I noticed that you've got a haircut.

KBlogz: I got a haircut, actually. Um, I don't think anything was done to the, to the business in front, but the party—

Liss: The party in the back is a little shorter!

KBlogz: —in the back is a little bit shorter.

Liss: Aaaand if I can get a little close-up here [zooms in; KBlogz makes a face a la Blue Steel], I'm noticing some beard growth.

KBlogz: Yeah, um—

Liss: Very fancy! [zooms out]

KBlogz: It's to cover up at least half of my face.

[Liss laughs; KBlogz grins]

Liss: But why would you want to cover up your face? It's so cute!

KBlogz: 'Cuz haven't you ever seen Mortal Kombat? And Sub-Zero and Scorpion have their faces covered and they're really cool?

Liss: Mm. That's an excellent point.

KBlogz: But I can't wear a ninja mask in public, so it's gotta be a beard. [rolls eyes]

Liss: True.

KBlogz: Gotta be a beard.

Liss: [laughs] Do you want to show me your wand—and I don't mean that in a dirty way?

KBlogz: Yeah, um— [reaches for recorder case and unzips it] I've been working on this baby for awhile now.

Liss: Did you actually whittle it yourself?

KBlogz: [pulls out "wand," which is clearly a drumstick] No, this actually, um, comes from a drumstick at, from Goodwill.

Liss: Mm!

KBlogz: Salvation Army, actually. [shrugs] But, um, you know, its—its harmonics in the spirit realm were, like, pretty close to what I was going for, and, you know, it was already in the basic shape, you know, and I'm no woodsman. [Liss laughs.] I figured I'd get something easy! [grins]

[Cut to a close-up of KBlogz rubbing Sophie's belly.]

Liss: [singing] Sophie! The cutest cat in all of Cat Land!

[Cut back to KBlogz.]

Liss: So what were you just thinking about?

KBlogz: I was just thinking about The Last Unicorn the other day. I still haven't watched it!

Liss: That's really dumb. We need to get you a copy of that movie.

KBlogz: One DVD for my—for my player.

Liss: Yeah. Maybe Christmas.

KBlogz: Maybe Christmas. [crosses fingers dramatically and makes wishful face]

Liss: I don't have it on DVD, either, or I'd lend it to you—as I've lent you many other movies, such as Dragonslayer [KBlogz counts off films on fingers with wand], and Clash of the Titans, and Brazil, and Time Bandits

KBlogz: You—you never lent me Time Bandits.

Liss: I didn't?

KBlogz: No.

Liss: But you've seen Time Bandits, right?

KBlogz: I've seen Time Bandits.

Liss: Okay. What else did I lend you?

KBlogz: Um…

Liss: Fisher King?

KBlogz: Fisher King.

Liss: Mm…Labrynith?

KBlogz: No—no, I own that.

Liss: Uh, Dark Crystal?

KBlogz: No, I own that.

Liss: I know there was other stuff.

KBlogz: Yeah—

Liss: Excalibur!

KBlogz: Excalibur, yeah.

[They laugh.]

Liss: [in a robot voice] FANTASY NERDS!

KBlogz: [in a robot voice] FANTASY NERDS!

Title Card: The End!!!

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