Oh, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie...

...what are we gonna do with you?

Reading the Globe and Mail today, at a suggestion from a friend (thanks, James!), I came across this article, wherein Mr. Harper (the Canadian Prime Minister) and his anti-intellectual cronies promise us a safer country by means of longer prison sentences.

Yah. Because that's worked so brilliantly well for our neighbours, by all means, let's try it here.

Nothing quite like seeing a set of policies fail so utterly in another very similar country to make those policies attractive to the Bush-worshipping douchebag who currently lives at 24 Sussex.

As noted in the interview, our ReformaTories are not quietly anti-intellectual: they trumpet it, are proud of it, revel in the stupidity of their policies:
Mr. Harper told a partisan audience in January, 2008, that critics of his crime policies “try to pacify Canadians with statistics.

“Your personal experiences and impressions are wrong, they say, crime is really not a problem.”
Indeed, because what the country needs is a good deal more anecdata in our governance. None of that bullshit proof is needed here; no, what we need are some uninformed opinions of "ordinary Canadians", for which read "people who are old, white, Christian, straight, xenophobic/homophobic/misogynist douchebags" - i.e., the Tory voter base.

Election NOW! Get the party of proud anti-intellectualism out of the halls of government!

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