In Shows We Totes Need to Talk About

...but I keep forgetting: Nurse Jackie.

Below the fold, you will find a conversation Deeks and I had about the show after its season finale. Be warned: This is a spoiler thread.

For those who want to know whether it's worth watching without risking spoilers, my short answer is: Yes. Hell yes.

* * *

Deeks: Hey, where are you with Nurse Jackie?

Liss: I've finished the season.

Deeks: What did you think of that ending? Jebus. I just watched it last night.

Liss: Which part? When she falls on the floor?

Deeks: When she gobbled enough morphine to kill a horse.

Liss: LOL!!! I was all: She's DRINKING IT?! Oh Christ!

Deeks: I thought "She's going to kill herself. Damn."

Liss: That would have made for a short series.

Deeks: I know, I know! I mean, I thought she was trying to, but someone would find her or whatever.

Liss: Totes. Can I just say that Edie Falso is a goddess? And I love all the other nurses. Especially Mo-Mo and Zoe. And Gloria Akalitus (GREAT character name!) is made of WIN. The actress who plays her, who was awesome in "Rachel Getting Married," too, btw, plays that character with such gusto. She really goes for it, and I love her endlessly for committing so thoroughly. When she accidentally drugged her own coffee with Jackie's spiked sweetener, and then mooshed her face up against that window? OMG. I laughed my tits off.

Deeks: Anna Deavere Smith. I love Zoe! All the characters on that show are really well written. And Akalitus is totes awesome. You want to hate her, but you can't, because she's not your typical one-dimensional hospital admin character. Like when everyone was giving her shit for letting the pharmacists go, she was "I hired him myself 15 years ago, this is the hardest day I've ever had here."

Liss: Uh-huh. And I loved her little flirtation with Victor Garber. Rock. The actress who plays Zoe has such a great, expressive face. She's just too adorable for words, and her physical comedy is outstanding. Whenever she has to spin midstep because Jackie barks at her about something—OMG. Or when she does that sort of harrumphy swinging-arms socially awkward doofus stuff? OMG. She kills me. That show's so good I even like Peter Facinelli and his tired-ass Tom Cruise impersonation.


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