Important Announcement

If I have to hear or read one more person talking about how revoltingly, disgustingly, grotesquely ugly Rumer Willis is, I'm going to go totally trucknutz.

This is not an ugly girl.

Let me repeat that: This is not an ugly girl. And the reason that's important to say is not because it would somehow be okay to talk about how ugly she is if she weren't an attractive young woman, but because there are girls in this world who conform far less to the beauty standard than Rumer Willis, who barely deviates at all—and they're looking at this lovely young woman and thinking, "Oh god, I wish I looked like her, and even she gets called ugly! I must be hideous! I AM PRACTICALLY A MONSTER!"

And they hate themselves because adults can't collectively get our shit together and stop being unbelievable fucking assholes who engage in publicly passing judgment on young women using ridiculously impossible standards and then absurdly pretending this pastime is somehow innocuous and doesn't reverberate through the culture and wind up a charred lump of self-loathing in the soul of every girl.

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