I Get Letters

I'm still sorting through a metric fuckton of email that piled up while I was away, which naturally included some hilariously awesome missives from my MRA fans, and I had to share this one with you. Spacing, grammar, and (mis)spelling are all original (I love the repeated misspellings of "misogyny" most of all):
Hi Melissa

Re misogony up close and personal ….

I’ve just read this article and would like to ask a few things about it ……..

You mentioned your married and your husband does his best to avoid misogonist comments and behaviour.

Do you then do your best to avoid misandrist comments and behaviour ? ( if there’s such a thing ?) Would you
Comment if your female friends and relatives say such things as well ?
Men can be bad, and are , but we do good things as well …….sometimes that’s not reflected in
Feminist blogs and websites ………..

I’m thinking your marriage is stong and you love each other , and your husband respects your thoughts and
respects your strengths and weaknesses ………do you do the same for him ? Respect his strengths and
weakneeses too ?

I’m not saying you don’t and I’m not ‘having a go ‘ , but if I would like to think that you don’t control everything
he says and does . He can be himself , strong, intelligent, maybe likes a beer, maybe likes sport, or the arts etc…

I hope it’s a two way thing …………

[Name Redacted]
It's amazing how many men of the world are concerned about Iain, since finding out he's married to someone who has the unmitigated temerity to ask for his respect.

Btw, I know it will positively floor you to discover that my charming correspondent is not a careful reader, but one of his questions was answered in the original piece: "It's not like we've never argued, or that I've never had to explain where I'm coming from, but the thing he's always had going for him is that he doesn't want to hurt me. (A sentiment I return, naturally.)" The rest he could have answered himself, with a quick visit to Shakesville.

And if he actually wants an answer, that's what he'll have to do, as I am not in the habit of doing homework on demand for every whinging dipshit who clogs my inbox with their lazy, retrofuck stereotypes of feminists.

I would say the number of men who email me with requests to defend myself against their prejudices (and actually seem to expect a reply!) is astounding—but, of course, it's not astounding at all. It's as predictable as it is tiresome.

[Terrible Bargain: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.]

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