Below is the trailer for the upcoming Tucker Max movie, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. If you don't know who Tucker Max is, well, this should give you a pretty splendid introduction to his particular brand of professional wankstainery.
[Dudebro approaches young woman kneeling at an aquarium, looking in and scratching the glass; kneels down beside her.]

Dudebro: Whatcha doin'?

Woman: I'm talking to the turtles.

Dudebro: Are they telling you to kill that fat girl behind us? [motions with head to a fat blond woman sitting at the bar, minding her own business, chatting with a friend] 'Cuz that's what they're telling me to do.

[Woman looks disgusted; stands and walks away.]

Dudebro: What?! How can you be mad about that? Fat girls aren't real people.
Aaaaaaaand that was all I could stand to transcribe in any real detail. The rest of the trailer is scenes of dudebros planning to go to some T0T3S AW3S0ME!!! strip club three hours away, followed by montage of strip club antics, including Dudebro #2 being asked what his porn name is and answering "Scott Peterson," because killing womminz is high-larious! Then comes more montageyness, followed by Dudebro #2 asking, "Are you saying that Magic Johnson is black and has AIDS—and has it better than me?!"

What? You don't find straight white dudez dehumanizing men of color and women funny?! What are you—humorless or something?

I don't even know what to say anymore. I really don't.

[Via Gawker.]

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