Violent Misogyny as Entertainment: Discussion Thread

[Trigger warning.]

Shaker MizElke emailed (which I am posting with her permission):
Hi Liss - So, recently I was laying around on the couch avoiding gross hot weather and shamelessly vegging out in front of the TV. From the On Demand menu I chose a recent episode of the new show "Royal Pains" on USA, which has been rather enjoyable up to now.

Ok, so I really wish I was kidding about this. The story line in this episode (called "Crazy Love") is about a sexy sexy lady who goes to a plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation and while she's under anesthesia the surgeon sneeky implants a GPS tracking device into her chest at the request of her husband. During a subsequent MRI the implant breaks and comes ripping out of her chest, to her horror, shock, and pain. She is then hospitalized for resulting radiation poisoning.

When her insane, lying, manipulator of a husband comes to visit her in the hospital and "apologize" ("I just didn't want to lose you!") she throws her bed pan at his head and calls the police. OH WAIT, no she doesn't. Instead she gazes up at him from her hospital bed and says, "I had no idea you loved me so much!"



The icing on this delicious cake of fuckery is that as soon as she says that, the two other people in the room, one of them her doctor, smile at her in approval. Good job with that forgiveness, little sexy wifey! Yaaaay!


Just had to tell you about that one.
Between receiving this email, Deeky's earlier post about Weeds, and the million-and-one (or so) posts I feel like I've written recently about rape/stalking/domestic violence as entertainment, I thought I'd open a discussion thread with the question: What's the most egregious example of violent (or borderline violent) misogyny you've seen in a television show or film lately?

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