More Fat Princess Mail

They're still coming in fast and furious. Here are a couple of recent favorites:
You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. All I really want to know is if you're going to try this game or not. It did seem to boost you into the blogosphere, so are you going to give it an actual chance, or not?
Huh. And here I thought all those years of writing and community-building and Big Brass Alliancing and working on presidential campaigns before I mentioned a video game in passing and piqued the ire of a bunch of misogynist, fat-hating dipshits is what "boosted me into the blogosphere." I guess that's just one of the many, many things I'm totes wrong about! You'd think after all the times random assholes informed me I was nobody before they heard of me, it would penetrate my BIG FAT HEAD, but I still doggedly insist on valuing both reality and my perception of it more than theirs.
Your article would garner more respect from the community if it weren't placed astride the saddle of that manatee. What a disgruntled creature she is.

As I see it you're a bitter fat kid in an older bitter fat woman's body, lamenting your youth as the outcast and pushing your views onto others. The world at large views fat people the way you described because fat people in general believe they're entitled to some sort of respect for living their lives that way. They whine and complain and never do a damn thing to help themselves out (by and large.. very large that is.)

P.S. Enjoy censoring your fat female circlejerk. Sony is so evil because they made a funny little game about rescuing a princess who has been fattened up to make recovery of said princess difficult.

P.P.S. Don't you think calling yourself "Shakespeare's Sister" is just a bit self-serving, by the way? Your ten-dollar words aren't exactly soliloquy, or even relative understudy.
Uh-oh! Looks like someone doesn't know how to use Google! On the other hand, he's very good at proving my point that Fat Princess appeals to fat-haters.

And now the pièce de résistance, reproduced with original spelling, spacing, and emphasis:
You are no doubt a (in the words of my dearly beloved Island Nation) clever bastard.
I thought the headline "Blog note" (Which you have used on several marvelous occations was brilliant for your blog starting with:

"Hey, Shakers. I've just come home from the emergency room yet again. This time however..."

"Why was it brilliant?" You ask, and point at me accusingly.
Wel here's the deal:

Most bloggers would say "OMG I'm dying!" or "I can't feel my legs!" or something at that level, but you...
...You are a true master of blogging, and you need to substain your reputation as a blogger that cares most for your fellow human beings.
By calling your blog "A blog note" discretly, you are clever enough to gain extra sympathy, since let's face it, just as many people read this blog as always.
So by being so discretly the crowd, or perhaps "your crowd", that naive flock of sheeps immediately thinks what springs to mind.

For example, somebody posted something like this:
"Calling this post a blog note tells us just what kind of fantastic person you are"

The naive and thoughtless creature fell right in the sympathy trap! Thinking that you just wanted to explain things and didn't want sympathy!
Oh, dear lord how wrong weren't that ignorant minion, as so many others!

They didn't realise that if you were discret you would have said something like "I can't blog to much, health issues" or something, or perhaps not have blogged at all.

So when a person. No, when a soul, a bright and enlightened soul points out the fact that you're all about attention just like any other blogger, then your sheep covers their ears.
And posts:

"Can't she even be sick in peace?" (Or something like that)
This mindless, dumb and ignorant minion sheep does of course not think about the fact that if you have wanted peace, then you would have removed your hands from blogging.

So using your own form of sarcasm (The sarcasm you get from any blogger that have read "sarcasm for dummies") I will like to congratulate you with your success, and hope this message is never posted for your sake. Well, even though it's posted in any of your blogs you don't have to worry.
The pathetic, brainless, undead sheep you possess will shut their ears and wait for you to tell them when to open their eyes to another constructed truth you have created with your talentfull manipulation and blogging skills.

P.S. (Pro Sarcasm)

Don't attack PS2, just because it's slim.

I'm going to hurry over to my PS3 now, I need to rescue the princess before she gets fat. (wouldn't want a FAT princess... eeew...)

- Cheers from the UK!
In case you're wondering what the hell he's talking about, it's this post, from July of last year.

Now, accusations (frequently wild and rambling, always made by people whom I could never convince otherwise) that I'm being manipulative and attention-seeking and a generally horrid person after a post a blog note explaining my absence due to illness, being triggered, a family emergency, or, well, pretty much any other reason, are totally common. But it's pretty unusual to get one a full year after posting it.

I guess my thoughtful correspondent merely felt compelled to comment after making his way via one of the many new links (!) to the original Fat Princess thread, hitting the "forward" link at the bottom of the post a few times, and finding my dastardly Blog Note.

I'm honestly not sure what pisses off these blokes (and they're always blokes) more: My unapologetic and shameless public fatness, a woman with unapologetic and shameless contempt for a piece of what they regard as a male dominion, or the closeness of this community, so evident in every Fat Princess thread, such a marked contrast to any and every community from which they've come.

Bullies are always the most vocal detractors of the safe space, even as they evidently covet what it offers.

[If you made your way to Shakesville after the Fat Princess Debacle of 2008-9, here's the whole sordid pathetic affair, in nine parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.]

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