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This blogaround brought to you by Shaxco, makers of the delicious feminist confection, Vanilla Assumptions. Yum!

Recommended Reading:

Marcella: Carnival Against Sexual Violence 75

Paul: Fat Rights/Gay Rights (I want to send you over there with the explicit request to read the post as it's intended, which is not to play Oppression Olympics, but point out how one group (fat people) is being marginalized in ways which should be extremely familiar to progressives, because nearly the exact same arguments were used to to marginalize another group (gay people), and, in some cases, still are. Though it may be tempting to some people, for various reasons, to point out the differences between the two, and there are differences, it is the similarities from which we could learn something. I also recommend some of Paul's comments, particularly here, here, and here. Please be warned there are people playing Oppression Olympics in comments, sometimes to offensive effect.)

Karnythia: We Have Feelings Too or The Cost of Being a POC in Race Discussions

Andy: Hawaii Coach Sobs in Apology After 30-Day Suspension for Gay Slur

Symphony: "MOMS" Group Puts Up Billboard to Give Attention to Murdered And Missing Black Women (via)

Sady: How Not to Be Called a Racist: Several Easy Pointers from Sally Quinn

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