Mods Get To See The Darnedest Things

Archaic verb forms, for example. Now, it's never occurred to me to use "concrete" as a verb. But "concrete" is a perfectly cromulent, though archaic, verb. You learn something every day. After reading the following comment from the moderation queue of today's Conniving and Sinister, I looked up "concrete" to confirm that it can in fact be used to mean "to make real or concrete instead of abstract". My Webster's widget lists this as an "archaic" usage and gives this example: "concreting God into actual form of man". Here is the context from my mod queue:
Fat Princess (the game) Please understand that a game is a game. I have played it and for me, playing it does not make me dislike fat people, in fact, I have many friends who are bigger than me. By condemning the game, you are helping concrete the unspoken idea that fat people are disliked and also that being unhealthy is -okay. I do not support either view, with greater emphasis against obesity. Thanks. P.S. Since this is a feminist site I must make my concern known: I suggest you lobby for male prison terms to be applied to women. I find it unfair how some women get off the hook at a lesser sentence.
My concerned, well-meaning language professor gets bonus points for bringing Fat Princess up out of nowhere. Fat Princess is truly the Gift of Trollery that Keeps on Giving. Further bonus points for concern trolling that actually uses the word "concern". Fie on subtlety! Yet more points for evoking "I have some friends who are fat", and even more still for the dollop of "we can't have fatty-boom-balatties thinking they might actually be healthy the way they are!"

Also rich: suggesting that the dislike of fat folks is an "unspoken" idea, and that there are special, harsher "male" prison terms. The FAIL is strong with this one, my friends.

But thanks for the verbular education, trollio.

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