How Teaspooning Works, An Example

Shaker silver drew my attention to a successful bit of teaspooning, with reference to this post I made earlier, about an unfortunate choice of sponsorship in Rhode Island.

That's how it works. A whole bunch of people realize they don't like what is happening, and if each of them speaks up, it's like bailing the ocean with a teaspoon: it's not always quick, but if you just keep at it, it'll happen.

In this case, it came quickly, which is nice, cause who doesn't like a little instant gratification to get their Monday off right?


A symbol of power - collective power.

Edit to add: Shaker silver again with the mighty and shiny teaspoon, points out that it will be better reinforced with the company if we take a moment to let them know we appreciate their choice in the situation. Positive reinforcement of positive behaviour leads to positive choices in future.

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