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This is currently at Yahoo, advertising video of Hillary Clinton's response to a question, reportedly mistranslated, about her husband's thoughts on a trade deal:

Clinton is described as having "blown up" and "snapped," because of one terse response to what was, by any estimation, a rude-ass misogynist question as it was posed to her.

Let's take a ride in the Wayback Machine to revisit a Bush press conference from 2006, during which he infamously declared himself "the decider," after being asked an important question about national concerns re: Donald Rumsfeld's continued service as then-Secretary of Defense:

You don't even need a transcript, if you can't hear the video, because Bush is, as Spudsy memorably deemed him, the King of Obvious Body Language.

Not only was Bush not described by the mainstream media after this incident as having "blown up" or "snapped"—his newest malapropism was, at worst, turned into a punchline, just another joke from a harmless clown (Oh, that kooky Bush! What a jokester!), but generally cited as more evidence of what a jus'-folks sorta brush-clearin' and straight-shootin' guy you'd like to have beer with. Just like all the rest of his bullying was by a fawning media.

Bush routinely affected an equivalently belligerent demeanor when questioned during press conferences. Never was he given the media treatment Clinton's received over the past few days. Not even close.

The double standard is gobsmacking, if totally unsurprising.

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