Hello, Catch-22! We've missed you!

Well, actually, not really so much.

See, the TSA is instituting new rules today, another in the increasing list of silly rituals intended to make people feel as though the War on Terror is being "won" (see also, taking shoes off, dismantling all hand luggage, body-cavity-imaging machines, et c., et c.).

These rules will apply to any flight originating in the US.

Can't see what the problem is? Might be an example of cisprivilege there. Imagine, if you will, you're a trans person who has just transitioned. Per the local laws, you've not been able to change your name legally yet, nor your gender marker. So now, in the name of a spurious increase in security, trans people are to be outed to total strangers, or are not permitted to fly.

Because, as we all know, lots of terrorists like to fly around pretending to be trans people. It's such a respected, non-vilified identity, you can certainly understand how someone wanting not to be noticed would choose it. What could be more incognito than suddenly adopting a gender presentation you don't actually have, since it's so easy to pass right off the bat, right? That's what all the movies say.

Gee, that doesn't sound lethally dangerous. It's not as though trans people get killed much in this kind of situation - and I'm sure the highly-paid, exquisitely-trained operatives at the security counters will be very careful to maintain trans people's confidentiality.

But hey, no one discriminates against trans people, so why should we need rights protection, right?

Tip of the CaitieCap to Shaker Karatemonkey, who sent this link in to Liss.

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