Duh of the Day

Time magazine catches up to what fat activists have been saying for years: Exercise can always make you healthier, but it can't always make you thinner.

And probably won't.

I particularly like this gem at the end of the article, by the way:
Some research has found that the obese already "exercise" more than most of the rest of us. In May, Dr. Arn Eliasson of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported the results of a small study that found that overweight people actually expend significantly more calories every day than people of normal weight — 3,064 vs. 2,080. He isn't the first researcher to reach this conclusion. As science writer Gary Taubes noted in his 2007 book Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health, "The obese tend to expend more energy than lean people of comparable height, sex, and bone structure, which means their metabolism is typically burning off more calories rather than less."
Really?! You mean harrumphing around my extra weight makes me burn more calories?! Sort of just like someone 100 pounds lighter would burn more calories if they suddenly started carrying 100 pounds of weights around with them?! Gee, I never would have imagined that!

File Under: Things Fatties with Functioning Brains Have Been Pointing Out for Years but Were Drowned Out by the "CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT!!! IT'S SCIENCE!!!eleventy!" Chorus.

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