Congratulations, The Hangover

You've successfully rehabilitated the reputation of convicted rapist, spousal abuser, and ear mangler Mike Tyson to the point where he can now be found giving a haircut to one of the Jonas Brothers at the Teen Choice Awards.
Tyson: [holding scissors next to Joe Jonas' head, grinning] Now, you know I hate to see people get hurt.

Kevin Jonas: I don't believe what I'm seeing; is this really gonna happen?

Tyson: [grabs Kevin roughly] Shut up, Kevin, or you're next!

Nick Jonas: Let the haircutting begin!

[Tyson begins to cut Joe's hair; he howls; the audience screams and laughs and applauds]
Are you laughing as hard as I am at the HIGH-LARIOUS joke of Mike Tyson claiming he hates seeing people get hurt? I bet you are.


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